The Physical Security Group


Our company is your answer to supporting, maintaining and upgrading your physical security needs. Our personnel have certifications in numerous access control, CCTV and Intrusion Detection (IDS) systems. Some of the major programs we support are the Integrated Commercial Intrusion Detection (ICIDS) Systems, Galaxy Access Control, Pelco Endura and a variety of others.
PSG personnel have been central figures in the design, installation, maintenance and training of ICIDS I, II, III and IV for over 20 years. We ensure that any ICIDS zones installed follow required regulations and instructions which include; Army Regulation (AR) 190-13, DCID 6/9, AR 380-381, AR 190-59, AR 190-11 as well as numerous other associated publications. 

PSG has the knowledge and experience to add a single zone or a complete upgrade including AA&E facilities, SCIFs, SAPs and more.


We can install, service, repair and replace standard ICIDS entry control equipment on your ICIDS I, II or III systems.


PSG has personnel who design, install and maintain CCTV systems which include the ICIDS standard BOSCH systems, Pelco Endura and other state-of-the-art IP addressable networked CCTV using the latest in digital technology.


ICIDS systems that are out of warranty or nearing completion of the warranty period may require support for emergency maintenance, on-call maintenance, expansion or upgrade. Our history spans over 70 ICIDS I, II and III sites. We can provide these services with expert personnel that have years of ICIDS installation and maintenance experience.
Services we provide include:

1. Re-certification for systems out of warranty and showing signs of neglect or lack of maintenance.
2. Preventive Maintenance with On-call emergency services to keep your security system operating at optimum performance levels.
3. Site Survey and System Design Services are available for upgrades or modifications to expand your system when you need to add new zones or upgrade existing hardware.
4. Training courses are available for the System Administrators, Operators and Maintenance Personnel.